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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Baby Showers

I'm not a huge fan. Unfortunately this is one of the crosses women have to bear.

I have a friend, seven WEEKS pregnant. Her mother contacted me this week because we have to start planning the baby shower.

I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable making any plans for the babies this early in the pregnancy. Did I mention there are two babies? I'm of the opinion you shouldn't even tell people you are pregnant until after the first trimester. Too much can happen. It's scary.

I've always thought my mother was crazy. You know, like when I asked for a list of people she would like on the invitation list for my wedding, she said "all my people are dead or about to die". Crazy. But I think my friends mom may be holding the "Craziest Mom" title. Maybe the impending Grandmotherhood has made her wires short circuit. Maybe all moms are a little crazy.

Maybe motherhood MAKES you crazy.


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