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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sorry I Asked

Ever ask a question and discover right after you received the answer, that you really didn't need to know?

I learned this morning that my building has a bee problem. I highly doubt it was much of "problem" since I am here A LOT and have never seen an unusual number of bees. We have jasmine growing on a fence, there are bound to be some bees. Maybe the problem is that this is LA and there shouldn't be ANY wildlife...

Anyhoo, I learned about the bees because they are smoking them out. In my imaginings that meant the bees would vacate the hive and go find a new place to live. Unfortunately on my way to the bathroom, I ran into the man in the bee keepers suit (sadly he didn't have his hat/mask thingy on, 'cause that would have been cool). He advised me that we need to keep our windows shut and the bees should be gone in a couple of hours. This is when I asked the question, "where do they go?". He looked at me a bit puzzled and replied, "dead". At this point I told him I didn't really need to know that, and wished I hadn't asked (more confusion on his face). I thanked him (he's just doing his job after all) and proceeded to the bathroom. I'm still struggling with trying not to cry. I know they are "just" bees. The truth is I have a fondness for the little creatures. Okay, okay, I like all little creatures.

To my furry and feathery family members on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, you are going to be welcoming a whole bee hive today. Put them to good work pollenating your plants. I will see you someday. I miss you all.


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