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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Long Time

I'm going to blame my oh so busy life for not posting all week. Not that it matters, I think only my sister is coming over here right now anyway. Hi Seester!

Last weekend several family members gathered in Carson City, Nevada for a little skiing and bonding. This is the second year we've made the trek there during the same weekend. I have to say, it's a blast. My family is hilarious! I feel very blessed that not only do I like my siblings, but I like my cousins, aunts, uncles AND mother! Not that my mom doesn't frustrate and confuse me from time to time, but I think that is in her job description. And besides, I think motherhood might make you crazy.

I make that statement not out of malice, simply a lot of direct observation and verbal accounts. I am a scientist after all. The first clue that motherhood makes you crazy is that women want to have babies in the first place. You have to be kinda nuts to be LOOKING FORWARD to pushing a fourteen inch cranium out of your nether regions. Combine that traumatic event with the lack of sleep, poop and vomit, and it's no wonder moms go crazy and stay that way. And then the kids turn into teenagers. Eek. Scary!

Did I mention I REALLY want to have a baby?

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