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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Husband and his business partner are looking for a real estate agent to sell "our" condo. They have it narrowed down to two teams, but seem to be torn between them. Husband suggested the wives should meet with them. I don't really think that's necessary as I fully trust Husband's and Business Partner's judgement. One thing did come up that is important to me: handshakes.

I have a couple of gripes: hard and soft shakers. My experience is that many women fall into the "Hard Shaker" category. I haven't decided if this is a woman-woman issue, or also a woman-man issue. When a woman shakes my hand forcefully, with a lot of "squeeze", I feel like they are trying to dominate me. I get the impression they are trying to assert their authority and power. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for powerful women, but the too hard shake makes me think you are trying too hard (duh). Maybe you are working hard to give the impression you have more control than you actually do.

On the flip side, men who gently take my hand (or only my fingers) annoy me. They are telling me that I am too delicate to be treated as their equal. I am not up to the full- handed, strong shake. As if I can't handle it. They too are conveying power and letting me know I don't have as much of it as they do. I do not fault men when they squeeze too hard, because at least they are treating me as they would a man. Like their equal.

I'd just like to state for the record that I am not the sort of girl to be concerned about my power. I know I have it. I don't question it. I'm not even worried about people taking it away. People are a curiosity and I ponder what makes them do the things they do.



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