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Monday, April 16, 2007

Time Traveling

Yesterday was a beautiful if windy day in Southern California. Husband and I had house guests, and we live right next door to our close friends so we had a fair sized group most of the weekend. The fellas decided it was a nice enough day to pull out the croquet set. I know, wild and crazy times are afoot!

They started to set up the game and realized they didn't have the instructions in the box, and no one could remember how to play. I'm happily reading the Sunday paper (ads and comics with a glance at the real news) listening to them trying to come up with the rules. Debating back and forth, agreeing to something and just as quickly deciding that the rule doesn't seem quite right. I imagined that is exactly how they sounded when they were children together.

A little while later, I must have been engrossed in my comics, because I glanced behind me and I swear I saw my husband and his friend as they will look when they are 70 years old, peering into the laptop computer someone brought outside to look up those silly croquet rules. Bent over, squinting at the screen, still debating, joking with each other, seemingly very content.

I smiled to myself, pleased with them and the image of us still being together a half lifetime from now.

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  • At 2:19 PM, Blogger Ginamonster said…

    that IS a plesant thought. Your husband will be funnier when he is old.


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