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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hi, my name is...

And I'm a craft-a-holic.

It's true. I have a problem. A serious crafting problem. Certainly part of my current awareness of my "issue" are the upcoming holidays. You see, I've made (almost) all of my holiday gifts these last two years. And I intend to continue making gifts. It's not about saving money, lord knows I'm not doing that! It's about giving a gift from the heart. And I donate the money I do save. Anyhoo, I diverge...

I've been a sew-a-holic for more than a few years. Naturally I buy much more fabric than I actually convert into stitched goods. And then there is the yarn. I discovered knitting, oh, four(?) years ago. And I became obsessed. I purchased an array of knitting needles on eBay, because you just never know what size you are going to need in the heat of a craft fit. And then I started buying yarn. And then the yarn started piling up. With the half finished projects. And the quarter finished projects. Oh and the printed project instructions that I will do, someday. I decided that I'm a terribly slow knitter. So I thought maybe I'd be faster at crochet. I am. But being faster at something that still doesn't go very fast does nothing for those of us with the attention span of a five year old. And so the crochet projects started piling up. The upside of this yarn fascination is that it's much more portable than my sewing machine. Until...

I decided that yarn just isn't quite portable enough. What with needing to take a couple projects, because how am I supposed to know what I'll feel like working on tomorrow? Have I mentioned I'm a Gemini? And so I thought, I should take up embroidery and cross-stitch! Those are great portable projects. And those are great crafts for people with an attention span deficit! HA! And so, I have one embroidered bookmark (very sparse) and about 10 stitches in a cross-stitch pattern that I bought a month ago. *sigh*

I still have the problem of what I'm going to give as gifts this year. I've got one person figured out. And I think I've got ideas for others. I've been eyeballing Gallery Glass for a while, and I'm giving it a try. Which reminds me, I'm watching some stuff on eBay...


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Time flies when, well, Time flies

That last entry was whiny. Sorry about that. Every now and again whining happens.

Speaking of whiny, sometimes I peruse the pregnancy websites. Particularly the "loss" sites. I am very grateful women have a support group they can tap into at any time. Especially since miscarriage is something that most people still don't talk about. But, I worry about that extreme focus on trying to conceive. Charting temperatures, using monitors, only having sex when you are "fertile". What a waste of your precious time. I understand the want/need to have a baby. I've never wanted anything more (except maybe to be an astronaut). And I ache inside for a child. A true hurt. Like heartache. A very real, if strange phenomenon. However, I don't want to spend the time I have on this earth stressing about something that I have little control over. It makes much more sense to let nature take it's course (I know, easy for me to say when I've been pregnant twice in the last year) and move forward with your life and relationships. So many people only focus on what they want/don't have that they forget to appreciate what they do have. It's like their lives are moving in an endless circle until they get that thing they want. The thing about it is, that there will always be a thing. That one last thing you need to make you happy. That mentality will guarantee an unsatisfied life.

Ladies, relax. Pick up a book. Have lunch with your friends. Create life in the garden (you city dwellers can do this too!). Make love to your husband, for fun. Most importantly, be grateful for the gifts you've already received.