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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sorry I Asked

Ever ask a question and discover right after you received the answer, that you really didn't need to know?

I learned this morning that my building has a bee problem. I highly doubt it was much of "problem" since I am here A LOT and have never seen an unusual number of bees. We have jasmine growing on a fence, there are bound to be some bees. Maybe the problem is that this is LA and there shouldn't be ANY wildlife...

Anyhoo, I learned about the bees because they are smoking them out. In my imaginings that meant the bees would vacate the hive and go find a new place to live. Unfortunately on my way to the bathroom, I ran into the man in the bee keepers suit (sadly he didn't have his hat/mask thingy on, 'cause that would have been cool). He advised me that we need to keep our windows shut and the bees should be gone in a couple of hours. This is when I asked the question, "where do they go?". He looked at me a bit puzzled and replied, "dead". At this point I told him I didn't really need to know that, and wished I hadn't asked (more confusion on his face). I thanked him (he's just doing his job after all) and proceeded to the bathroom. I'm still struggling with trying not to cry. I know they are "just" bees. The truth is I have a fondness for the little creatures. Okay, okay, I like all little creatures.

To my furry and feathery family members on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, you are going to be welcoming a whole bee hive today. Put them to good work pollenating your plants. I will see you someday. I miss you all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My sister (Ginamonster) has been blogging for years. I set up my blog a few years ago, but have been very inconsistent in posting. I'm trying to mend my ways. Ginamonster has encountered any number of people who have shared their wisdom, and received hers. I would venture to say, she has a least a couple new life long friends through blogging.

Today, I found a gal, soon-to-be mother, who's blog touched me. She's been through some of the struggles I've been through, although, I admit, she has suffered much worse than I. At the end of the day, I felt a connection, a kindredness. I think this is what my sister has been trying to tell me about. The connection with people you don't know, but who share your hopes and your dreams. Further, they may even reach out to you and let you know that they are sending out their best wishes for your future. If there is a God, this is how I believe (S)He manifests. Regardless, it is a rush of good will (energy) in your direction, and that can't help but enrich your life.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh Dear.

I had something interesting to say. Really. But for the life of me I can't remember what it was. Damn black hole in my brain.

Okay, I'll just talk about something else I've been pondering. I made a decision a few weeks ago to try to publish some of the children's books I've written over the years. Every so often I become inspired and I start writing. Mostly they've remained unfinished, because I've never shared them with anyone else. But unlike many other things I've written when inspiration strikes, I still like these stories years later. As an aspiring mother, I'm constantly looking for ways I will be able to stay home with my children. Don't worry, I'm not under the delusion that writing children's stories will make me rich, I just need to replace my current income, which sadly, doesn't seem so daunting. And I figured, what do I have to lose?

I went out, looked through and bought several books, and a couple of writers magazines. I'm going to be practicing my writing, and through the web, sharing some things with you. Flexing my writing muscles and hopefully entertaining a few people along the way.

On to the thing I've been thinking...

When I made the decision to actually submit stories versus just writing them, I started to see opportunity everywhere. I subscribe to a work at home mom newsletter, yes I know I'm not a mom yet, but I will be someday. Anyway, every couple days for the last three weeks, they've sent out information on writing. Write blogs for money, You CAN publish!, write informational pamphlets and sell them, be a freelance copywriter, be a freelance copy editor, just do freelance writing! I also started getting information about taking classes for writers in my community. I decided I'm on to something.

Many times in my life I've felt stuck, needing to make a change and not knowing what it was. Eventually I would see where I was supposed to go, and when I did, I would discover a path materializing before me. All the pieces falling into place. If you are struggling in your job or relationship, it could be that you are moving against the universe instead of with it. Sometimes the best action is to have faith that you will be led where you are intended to be. The problem is often realizing what change needs to be made to make you ready to follow your path.