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Friday, April 20, 2007

Love Your Green Mother

Our impact on the world has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. Please do what you can to show our planet the love she deserves. What better way to support Earth Day on April 22!

Carbonfund.org is a non-profit supporting renewable energy sources and reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions. I signed up as a monthly contributor to help offset the emissions Husband and I produce.

Our gas and electric company offers "green" energy, which gives us some of our energy from renewable sources (such as wind). The added cost is under $5/mo which I feel is well worth helping heal our Earth. I urge you to look at your own company to find out if you can get renewable energy as well. Most energy companies are looking at ways to offer green energy, so even if it's not available now, it very well be in the future. Keep an eye on your energy bill, they will notify you when renewable energy is available.

Other easy things to do:

Unplug appliances/chargers/computers/other equipment when not in use (put everything on surge protectors you can switch off)

Use compact fluorescent bulbs- those twisty looking light bulbs save 2/3’s of your lighting bill and will save about $40 over their lifetime. Try 1 or 2 in places where you leave lights on a lot (like the front porch for instance). I'm replacing the regular bulbs as they burn out.

Support local farms

Renew/Reuse and Recycle!

Other places to find information about Green Living:

Alliance to Save Energy


Energy Star



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